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Court Reporting and Captioning at Home May Be For You, Too!
We have many students across the United States and, in fact, around the world, and it is always wonderful to hear that the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home Program works for students everywhere.  Please let me share this note from the mother of a new CRAH student, sharing their experience with the CRAH Program. 
Linda Bland, RMR, RPR, CSR, CPE

Dear Linda,


Thanks to your program, I can see the focus, interest, and sense of purpose my daughter has developed  in her studies. Before she was introduced to CRAH she was attending a school at which her lessons were seemingly taught by “professional readers” rather than instructors, in spite of the fact that the instructors were referenced as professional “Court Reporters”.

The classes progressed to new theory without reinforcing lessons already taught; while at the same time, extraneous classes were mandated that were peripheral to this field, but nevertheless she had to sit through, and as she phrased it- she felt as though she was “taking up space”.  The school required purchase of textbooks that it marketed in its own name, and each term required hundreds of dollars in textbooks that could not be bought second hand since no major store carried them. Finally, unbeknownst to us, her financial aid  package was used to subsidize her first 5 credits which created a false sense of security that we could financially handle the remainder of the year before the next trimester. The majority of her peers were having their expenses subsidized through the government; this included not only tuition, but books, software,  machine, and living stipend. Those of us who were deemed capable of paying, were left handling the major expenses on our own. Finally, I later learned that the completion rate at this school for this program was only 30%.

My daughter is now progressing beautifully through your program. There are times she repeats chapters until she has mastered the concepts, but because the lessons are so well structured, with each dictation, she sees continual improvement. This reinforcement motivates her to work further; and has  increased her self-esteem and  the way she perceives herself as a student- and as a person.

She mentioned, for the first time, that she now wants to supplement her studies with university courses in which she can further her academic progress in learning more about the government and how our system of law operates. (I could never so much as get her to listen to the news.)

I’m beginning to sound too much like a political spokesperson, but please believe I am simply a mother; a former teacher, who has always wanted to help my child excel but has never found the right vehicle in which to ensure this. Two years ago I would have given all that I owned to be able to say this with the sincerity with which I am now writing.


Most sincerely,

Mildred  F (New York State)




Another note from a Professional Court Reporter who utilized our WKT (RPR, Written Knowledge Test) materials to prepare for the exam.

Thank you for the materials that you sent for the WKT test.  It was very

helpful.  I passed the WKT test and I did it because of the information you sent.  I was

studying previously with no way of knowing how or what to study for.  When you sent the

download I began studying and was able to pass the test.  I had studied other material as

well, but your book provided the knowledge required to pass the test.  I would advise any

aspiring reporter or reporter to consider CRAH.  I wish I had this information a long time



Crystal J.



Court Reporting and Captioning at Home is now presented on a new, revolutionary, multimedia training platform containing hundreds of hours of audio and video dictation, and  exclusive studio-produced, animated graphic video tutorials…a milestone in realtime education… The multimedia platform, along with the animated graphic tutorials, provides our students the advantage of training  faster and easier in a realistic time frame and at an affordable cost.

CRAH students are licensed for life when they purchase the CRAH program, and only licensed CRAH students have lifetime access to all of our superior, state-of-the-art training materials, CAT-software updates, daily support from credentialed court reporters, captioners, and CART providers as well as  internship and job placement services.

Because we want our students to have the latest in realtime writing technology, we are proud to include in our program, at a greatly reduced cost to our students, the new BLAZE realtime writer with flip-up, touch screen technology by ProCAT.  Scroll up or down, read back, or search with a swipe of your finger, just like an iPhone/iPad.  The Blaze also features automatic and user- defined keyboard adjustment.  The Blaze sets the standard in advanced realtime writer technology!

Court Reporting and Captioning at Home is the leader in realtime education, and we will continually strive to provide our licensed students with the latest in realtime technology to ensure they continue to be the best realtime court reporters, closed captioners, and CART Providers in the industry.

Linda Bland RMR, RPR, CSR, CPE, President of Court Reporting and Captioning at Home



“The new graphic videos you guys have are so amazing!   It takes the program to a whole new level…so great!”

Kimmy Pruitt, CRAH Graduate and Florida FPR

It is so nice, and really appreciated, that you (support dept.)  take the time to give such rich responses.  It is very supportive, especially when you’re going it alone in your little home office, and taking the long route to competence.

Kyla Stallings

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.  You don’t understand how much that means to me and how far that goes.  I’m so glad I’m doing your program.  I really love the online platform!  This is attainalble!!!!!!!!!


Thank you once again.  You really are outstanding!

Lezah Myers

“Hello Carla,

Thanks very much for the instructions, and please thank Linda for inviting me to view the [New Student Platform] web tutorials.  Everyone must be very excited with the results of the videos, because they are exceptionally presented. 

The instructions you provided were clear and easy to follow.  The Google Chrome download and login went smoothly.  The course screen was laid out well, showing the current and completed courses.  I liked the ability to click on the course name and view my progress through the individual lessons and then exit the course segment to see the summary and the percentages of completion.  The video quality was wonderful viewed in HD or otherwise.  And, of course, it was fantastic to see Linda in the videos.  Having listened to her voice in the lesson dictations, it was great to have that connection to the videos, making you feel that you are right in the classroom.  :)

In the Introduction, the 4 EZ steps recap helps to clarify what the student needs to do in each lesson. I really liked the detail shown in the proper posture and machine height demonstration, and it went through the steps at a good pace.  I can remember how nervous I was when my machine arrived, and it helps to see that visual and to have someone walk you through the correct set-up.  :)

I think my favorite part of the lesson videos is having the key on the keyboard graphic highlighted in a color – blue, green, etc. at the same time as the keyboard key is depressed by the finger.  That’s a great feature! 

Everything looks so great that there isn’t much to suggest. 

The expanded Finger Spelling Alphabet Chart for Lesson 19 is a great addition, and thanks for the attachment.  I especially liked hearing additional comments from Linda in some of the videos – for example, her preference for a specific style of a contraction outline in Lesson 18 and the tip on how the CAT software will help with the dollar sign outline in Lesson 20.  The best part, though, are the words of encouragement in the videos.  They are so wonderful to hear and are just exactly what a student needs.

I thank my lucky stars that I’ve chosen such a great school!  :)

Catherine T.





Meet Camille and Romaine, the CRAH Twins

Camille and Romaine James 2

My name is Camille, and I have a twin sister, Romaine. We are both CRAH students transitioning from another
theory. Romaine completed CRAH theory in one month and twenty days, and I finished in three months!  Initially, we thought that trying to learn a whole new theory while the old theory was fresh in our minds would be difficult.  Based on the way Mrs. Linda has set up the program, transitioning from our old theory was a pleasant and easy task.

I would like to tell Linda on behalf of Romaine and I, that you are truly a godsend. Not only have you developed a wonderful and successful program, your support team is genius!!!  Support helps all students in mastering their goals of becoming Realtime writers. Linda and her team are truly a gift to the Court Reporting profession.  We could tell that they really care about all students in the program. She took time out of her busy schedule to speak with us about our concerns, time schedules, and practice regimens. She whipped us into shape and turned our apprehension and self doubt into determination and self confidence! We feel that the program is successfully preparing us for a long and rewarding career in the Captioning profession.
We are excited and very grateful to be a part of the CRAH family.
Camille and Romaine J.



Camille and Romaine J.


Follow Your Speed Building Practice Regimen To The Letter!!

If you do not adhere to your Speed Building Practice Regimen to the letter, you will not make progress.  Each regimen is customized for each student.  You must have structure in your speed building, and the CRAH Speed Building Practice Regimen delineates exactly what you should practice the first hour, the second hour, or we may break it down into half-hour or 15-minute increments depending upon how long you have to practice each day.

If you go off on your own tangent and incorporate other dictation, you are only delaying your own progress.  The CRAH materials were developed specifically to help you build speed, reinforcing each realtime writing concept.  Much of the “free dictation” you find on various websites may not be dictated accurately.  There is an art to dictation.  If the dictation speeds up and slows down, it can cause students to fail examinations.  The material can often be miscounted.  It may be prepared or offered by people who aren’t even court reporters/captioners/CART providers and who may have no expertise in the careers.

Just to practice lots of new and different materials each day, writing as much of it as you can and dropping the difficult words, does not serve to improve your writing or build speed.  It only allows you to write the easy words you can ALREADY write.  So where is the progress in that method???  There isn’t any.  If you only required lots of new and different dictation materials to succeed, you could purchase those easily from a number of sources.  But it doesn’t work.

In order to build speed, we must know our theory extremely well.  Therefore, your speed building practice regimen should include a variety of practice materials, including evaluating your writing each day to determine which theory concepts you do not know well enough, that cause you to hesitate or drop the word entirely.

At CRAH, you have credentialed court reporters, or captioners, or CART providers to answer your questions about theory all the way through your training.  Even in speed building, you should be taught by  professional court reporters  because you often have questions regarding HOW to write a word, or need help determining why you are having difficulty building speed, or perhaps requiring modification to your practice regimen.

Here is a perfect example of why it is so important to be taught by a professional, credentialed reporter, or captioner, or CART provider.  This is from a CRAH student to one of our Support Department staff:

“I don’t know who you are, but I LOVE you! One day I hope to shake your hand and tell you that you are the most detailed person I’ve ever met. My husband might think that no one has the attention to detail that I have, but he is wrong. That is a compliment I can bestow upon no one else. From one detail-oriented person to another….thank you! You are all so wonderful and I greatly appreciate your ability to answer all of my questions perfectly.  Thanks again,  Michelle :)

Instructors who have not been trained in court reporting are simply readers and cannot answer your court reporting questions regarding theory.  Building speed is all about how well you know your theory.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having credentialed professionals for support throughout your training who have proven their capabilities by passing state and/or national certification examinations.  And at CRAH, each of our support staff are experienced in their respective fields.

Many, many students have contacted me to say it was only after they stuck to their Speed Building Practice Regimen they were able to pass their goal speed level or RPR exam.  ADHERE TO YOUR SPEED BUILDING PRACTICE REGIMEN!  It works.  Look at our success stories. (smiles)


Hi, Students,
We are in the process of preparing additional prep. materials for the Written Knowledge Test. Our students usually pass the WKT on the first attempt! As you know, we currently have individual academic lessons with tests and four Mock Written Knowledge Tests that simulate the actual WKT.   Soon, we will have at least 10 Mock WKT exams!  Some of the materials are ready now, so if you plan to sit for the WKT soon, you should contact your Support Department and ask for our NEWLY DEVELOPED MATERIALS!  Thanks to our wonderful Support Staff for their time in developing these materials and continually striving to prepare CRAH students to pass their certification exams!
Here is a note from a Professional Court Reporter who utilized our WKT materials to prepare for the exam.
Hi, Linda,
I want to thank you for the material that you sent for the WKT test.  It was very helpful.  I passed the WKT test on my first try, and I did it because of the information you sent.  I was studying previously with no way of knowing how or what to study for.  When you sent the material, I began studying and was able to pass the test.  I had studied other material, but your materials
provided the knowledge required to pass the test.  I would advise any aspiring reporter or reporter to
consider CRAH.  I wish I had known about CRAH a long time ago!  I am now preparing for the skills
exam! Well, I must say, you’ve been a blessing. ”  Crystal J.

NCRA Approves CRAH Professional Development Programs

For Realtime Writing, Captioning, and CART Providing

For Professional Development Credits

I am pleased to announce that the NCRA approved the Court Reporting and Captioning at Home realtime writing programs for Professional Development Credits (continuing education units) for professional court reporters for Realtime Writing for Court Reporting, Broadcast (Closed) Captioning, and CART Providing!  These programs lead to excellent realtime writing and new career opportunities.

Our students have been offered employment by Aegis RapidText Captioning Company, NCI (National Captioning Institute), Caption Colorado, Vitac Captioning Company, the largest captioning company in the U.S., and numerous other smaller captioning companies.

Some of these Professional Students have asked for assistance to help them pass the RPR or the CRR, and CRAH has furnished them materials to help them accomplish their goals.  Some have passed the RPR; some of them have upgraded their skills to allow them to offer realtime in the court reporting profession, while others have been able to enter the career of CART providing.  So congratulations to those individuals as well!  These materials are the same materials all CRAH students will utilize should they choose to enter captioning and/or CART providing.

For senior students who are preparing for the RPR exam, below is the 2013 exam schedule.  Please note registration and exam dates!  If you are working on 225 wpm Q&A, you should contact the Support Department if you have not done so to allow them to create an RPR Speed Building Practice Regimen for you.  New WKT practice materials will be ready in early March. 

2013 Exam Schedule


Written Knowledge Tests

RPR, RDR, CBC, CCP and CLVS written knowledge tests

Administered at Pearson Professional Centers by Pearson VUE

Candidate must register through NCRA, and then schedule the actual date and location through Pearson VUE

Reporter member = $185; Reporter nonmember = $210

Student member = $150; Student nonmember = $210

Exam Dates                                                      Registration Dates

January 7 – 19, 2013                                   Dec. 4, 2012 – January 3, 2013

April 8 – 20, 2013                                                 March 5 – April 4, 2013

July 8 – 20, 2013                                                      June 4 – July 3, 2013

Skill Tests

RPR and RMR Literary, Jury Charge, and Testimony skills tests

CRR, CCP, and CBC skills tests

Administered at NCRA – sponsored testing sites

Reporter member = $170.00; Reporter nonmember = $210.00

Student member = $135.00; Student nonmember = $210.00

Exam Dates                                                     Registration Dates

May 4, 2013                                                  March 6 – April 8, 2013

August 17, 2013                                           June 26 – July 22, 2013

November 2, 2013                                  September 4 – October 7, 2013

Court Reporting at Home Student Stacy M. Writing with the Pros!

What a thrill to be invited to write with Jack and Dee Boenau, two of the most distinguished experts in realtime writing in the world!  Stacy was fortunate to make the acquaintance of Dee who invited her to their home to write alongside them while they captioned some of their daily television programs.  “What a fantastic experience it was for me,”said Stacy.  “It was tremendously motivational.  Jack and Dee were kind enough to evaluate my writing and give me pointers.  I will remember this as one of the highlights of my training experience.”

Jack and Dee are undoubtedly two of the best realtime writers in the country.  Jack is founder and President of AmeriCaption, Inc. and was one of the pioneers in providing CART services and closed captioning since the late 1980s.  He also was a founding member of CARTWheel which is a network of CART providers.

Dee began her career as a freelance court reporter in 1992 and began offering realtime captioning and CART in 1995.  She has qualified for the National Speed Contest at 280 wpm, and she has won first place in two-voice testimony in 2007,2008, and 2010.  And if that isn’t enough, Dee won the National Realtime Competition in 2010!  “It was so gracious of them to spend their time with me.  I’ll never forget it,”said Stacy.

Pictured below, CRAH student Stacy M., Dee Boneau, Jack Boenau